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  ERP / QMS by ERP Consulting is a business management software suite of integrated applications that your business can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data for Aerospace Manufacturing. 

  Software History 

As the owner of Padgett Machine Inc, a 46 year Aerospace Manufacture, I saw the need for a simple to use, efficient, and a cost effective ERP System. Reviewing the many ERP systems 20 years ago a permanent license started at $30K. Today you have to purchase a yearly license with limited modules. Then a monthly charge per seat is added. Review our price and you will be astonished at the cost and what we deliver.  We sell a full permanent license with 10 seats. Our system has been running for over 19 years, with 30,000 parts in queue along with all the data that is used per part. Some parts might have 600 inspection points documented, along with all the drawings (with Hyper Links), certifications, and historical procurement's stored.   Our ERPQMS Software is user friendly and covers every aspect of a AS9100 manufacturing requirement. The software will reduce administrative personnel. The main effect is reduced time spent quoting, certifications, work order development, procurement, receiving, and part documentation to name a few processes.   See our manufacturing web site. 

Padgett passes yearly Quality Audits performed by Boeing Military, DLA QSLM, AS9100 Inspectors, Lockheed.

 Scroll down to our download section on this web site for more descriptive Power Point about the ERP Software.  Padgett is a Prime Contract to the US Government, and examples of our help files.  

We do not generate Payroll, or general  accounting.   Module will export invoices to your accounting system.  The software will track every aspect of your manufacturing process.

  • Will run Peer to Peer, 
  • Peer to Server, 
  • Peer to the Cloud
  • VPN from Home to Work

Comment from AS9100 Auditor:



Yes you have my permission to use WCS recommendations, but I would blow a bigger horn than that.

Your ERP system is probably the best I have seen in my career as auditor as far as its ability and power to analyze your suppliers as well as your performance against customer obligations.

Most company’s area are very good with customer obligations but are terribly weak in their ability to evaluate and analyze with hard data the supply chain and your ERP system solves that problem.

You can use my name too

Alan J Smith

President & Lead Auditor

WCS Quality Registrars LLC


EASY TO LOAD-System User Friendly

ERP Software for Aerospace Mfg.



Some Operational Functions

  • Customer,  Vendor,  Inventory, Etc.
  • Calibration Records of IMT Devices
  • Parts and Configuration Management 
  • Job Planning & Quoting System Features
  • Issuing Purchase Orders 
  • Tracking inventory, bin locations for inventory
  • Receiving materials
  • Quality-Corrective, NonConforming, Preventive, Audit 
  • Analyze Subcontractors 
  • Building complex (BOM) structures 
  • with a drag-and-drop facility 
  • Generating Kits for BOM's
  • Customer Order Features 
  • Preparing job travelers or work orders, routing, 
  • Preparing a certificate of conformance
  • Reviewing backlog status
  • Over 124 Reports built into software
  • Updating in seconds, Risk Assessment Module, Contract Review Module, Quote Review Module


Support Our War Fighters


Bid Complex Aerospace Parts with exact Pricing, accounting for Materials, Hardware, Special Processing, Assembly, CNC Setups and run time.

  • Bid Multiple Quantities
  • Evaluate Vendor Performance
  • Extract Customer Order Data
  • Shipment Historical Data including ITAR/EAR Tracking
  • Issue Procurement

Certify your shipments with just a few clicks

Will Certify to meet AS9102 FAT Inspection protocol, using Forms 1, 2 and 3

Handle all your quality requirements

Track your ITAR/EAR procurement's, Orders, Query for just ITAR/EAR for current orders or historical data, Corrective, Nonconforming, Preventative, Calibrations of your IMT Document Control


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